Support Japanese-Americans impacted by COVID-19

 September House MAJ provides the Japanese food for Japanese-Americans living in the D.C. Metro Area, who have little financial leeway. Since last fall, we have delivered to 54 people in 29 households in total.

Currently, with the spread of COVID-19, the needs for emergency food assistance are increasing. Last week alone, we have received e-mail requests from 7 people who are in need of help. As food insecurity continues, we have been hearing from our clients that it is difficult to go shopping in time with the arrival of essential goods. Some of our clients are single mothers, elderly single women, and those who are sick. Even if they have been in the United States for as long as 30 to 50 years, it is not easy for those who have experienced divorce or bereavement with their spouse, to find someone who can rely on when they are in trouble.

We provide 15lb(9k) such as rice, seasoning(Shoyu, Mirin), canned food(tomato, beans), dried noodles(So-men, seaweed), daily necessaries(toilet-paper, soap) to per delivery.

-Your action can help Japanese-Americans.

For per delivery

$50  will be used for the items that deliver to  one single-parent household with two children.

$20  will be used for the items that deliver to  one single-person household.

In order to overcome the immediate difficulties, we plan to distribute food packages to a total of about 65 people in 30 households in the next two months (twice a month).  

“As a single mother, how should I get over this situation .... I feel secure in knowing September House delivers food to my home"

"I have no work ... I am really grateful to September House for its help.” 

These are the voices of our clients who rely on the support of September House.

In order to continue our activity, we need your support.

▼Dante now


September House will send you a receipt for your tax return within one month.

(501(c)(3) donation receipt)

GoFundMe Charity

GoFundMe will send you a receipt for your tax return.

▼Online Food Drive ( in cooperate with English Now! Community Service Month)

Our Amazon Wish list enables you to donate Japanese food to families in need. If you purchase food on this list, Amazon will send it automatically to us.

▼About in-kind donation

In-kind donations are  also grateful.  For details, please see the information below  and contact us at

●Necessary goods: rice, pasta, canned food (tomato, bean, soup, etc.), seasonings (soy sauce, mirin, sake, soup stock, etc.), Japanese snacks, etc.

※Items with expiration date of one month or more

●Delivery:   We would kindly ask senders to cover shipping expenses.  Or if you live in Montgomery County and its vicinity, We will consult with you about the best way to receive your goods in a secure and convenient manner..